Valentine’s Day

Well, hello again and welcome to a new month – the one where we celebrate St Valentine’s Day.

My husband's traditional "card" to me. Say it with chocolate cake!
My husband’s traditional “card” to me. Say it with chocolate cake!

I wrote a post for this over on the Families First website here on ways to teach our kids about the kind of love Jesus meant when he said “Love one another”. Our kids get so many messed up messages from our culture about what love means, it seems like an important topic to tackle right from the word go!

The article includes a link to my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board. If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet, it’s a great way to create on-line ‘pinboards’ of anything fun and visual that you see around the web, or indeed, on other people’s baords on Pinterest. It can get a little addictive (*hangs head in shame*!) but can be a great place to search for creative ideas in any area from craft to recipes to parenting ideas to….well, just about anything where the picture is a big part of it. I’ve got an increasing number of boards for different occasions around the year so go have fun and have a look at my other boards too!

Happy pinning!



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