Savouring the season

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In one of my favourite books ever, The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, the chief devil talks about how humans enjoy variety but also have a need for rhythm and familiarity which is why God gave us seasons. That makes every kind of sense to me and autumn is my absolute favourite season every year. It feels like even more of a clean slate than January to me and I am full of energy and new plans. Here are some of the things I am enjoying.

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Making –  a bucket list of all the autumn activities I don’t want to miss out on in this busy season. Everything from blackberrying with my parents on the same farm we’ve been visiting for 40 years, now with grandkids in tow, to sparklers in the garden and making pumpkin pie. We’ve done about half the activities already. Today we collected lots of amazing coloured leaves that we’ll coat with wax for a mobile. Isn’t God great? He could have made all the trees the same shape and colour but we saw a thousand shades today in just one park.

Wondering – if my son will ever be a decent sleeper. If I’ll ever figure out how to stay on top of laundry. What I’ll do when I grow up.

Smelling – wood smoke, piles of damp leaves, sausages (yum!), really good coffee.

Enjoying – P.G. Wodehouse on Librivox, a break from the school run over half-term, an awesome new podcast called the Read Aloud Revolution.

Noticing – how I feel after 3 weeks not eating sugar (no, not even honey or fruit). Free, is how I feel. And a lot less hungry overall. This may stick although I think I’ll still eat suagr on high days and holidaysDSC00103

Cooking – Okonomyaki – like Japanese bubble and squeak. Glorious. And cheap and easy. I’ll blog it soon on my other blog. Also many more recipes from I Quit Sugar, Save with Jamie and How to Cook Everything.

Hankering – after cowgirl boots. This is all wrong.

Loving – my little boy talking so well now. He says some funny stuff. Like how arms turn into cuddles.

Marveling – at the delights of autumn. For a 39th time. It gets me every year.

Hoping – I don’t make an idiot of myself at my first bloggers’ conference this weekend. What do I wear?!?

Needing – a new cardi. And time to go find it!

IMGP2371 as Smart Object-1Savouring – a last year at home with a pre-school child. These years have gone so fast. Snif!

Wishing – for 36 hours in the day as usual. For more reading time in particular. And for the stomach I had at 25. Those days may be gone, baby!

Drinking – too much coffee but a bit more tea too in an effort to cut down on the java. Tea is really good.

Enjoying – watching my husband relate to his kids so well. He’s a genius Daddy. Getting back to candlelit teas. So Soothing to children.

ReadingMy year of living biblically. Interesting and entertaining. And Jen Hatmaker Facebook updates, She’s a funny woman.

Listening – to a lot of podcasts while I clean. Still in love with Inspired to Action. Also loving Spotify. Some great worship music on there and some great bluegrass which is my secret musical obsession.

Looking – forward to Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas. They were all really special last year and I’m hoping for the same excitement this year.

Waiting – to turn 40. I’m really excited about it!

Watching – Netflix, thanks to a very generous friend. You know who you are! Loving finally ploughing through Breaking Bad and finding Episodes hilarious! Plus Homeland is back. Happy days!

Feeling – confident, for the first time in a long time.

Planning – everything, always, but particularly how to move forward on my other blog and details for all the family traditions which go with this time of year. Especially our annual Christening Tea.


And you? How are you savouring this season?

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