Praying for our kids – some great resources

credit: Paul Mazumdar

We all want to pray for our children, right? Whether they be our biological children, our grandchildren, Godchildren or a friend’s brood, these little ones need our prayers.

But where to start? And how to remember to lift them up regularly? Here are some really useful resources I’ve found. (I’m afraid WordPress wasn’t playing nice today and I had problems with my links so this post isn’t pretty but it is useful!)

The first is an oldie but a goodie. (I’ll say at this point that all links in this point are for reference only and won’t earn me a penny). When I had my daughter, I often combined feeding her with reading. Stormie O’Martian’s book  helped me to pray for my daughter and her future in so many different ways. Beyond the obvious prayers for protection, Stormie encourages parents to pray for freedom from anxiety and addictions, good friends and influential adults in their lives, a desire for healthy habits, a wonderful future spouse and many other things which I wouldn’t have thought to pray for. Stornie has written many other classics on prayer which are also worth checking out.

The second resource I’ve used a lot in the last few months is a pdf I got from the brilliant blog Inspired to Action Kat Lee, the author, suggests biblical prayers to pray each day over your children from prayers for faithfulness to prayers for patience. (Hmm, I’m glad she’s promised a calendar for Mums is on the way too!). Even better, if you ‘like’ her page on Facebook, her prayer pointers for the day will pop up into your news feed so you don’t need to find the bit of paper. The calendar for praying for your husband is also excellent and will also magically appear in your feed.

Also handy to add to your bookmarks or Facebook newsfeed if you have a boy or boys is the blog/websites, The MOB society ( . The MOB society is for Mothers of Boys and, again, will ping up great prayers for boys each day, bringing you back to prayer when you check Facebook on the loo. (Oh come on! I’m not the only one, right?!?) There is also a great forum on issues specific to raising boys and a lot of encouragement and very practical advice from a great community of down-to-earth women. There is a similar site called Mothers of Daughters ( but it works more like a monthly magazine format and doesn’t yet have a prayer calendar.

So, that’s my initial round-up of prayer resources. I’m sure you know of more so which would you encourage readers to discover? And what helps you to remember to pray for your kids? Comment below or head on over to the Facebook page to join in the discussion.




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