Heads up for March

Our journey towards Easter with Jesus
Our journey towards Easter with Jesus

Well, that was a quick month. And a really tough one with illness, a new job and the rotten weather. But we’ve started on our Lent prayer basket, picking out someone to pray for each day. And the kids are excited about it, as well as our Lent poster from last year. How are your family marking Lent if you choose to? I’ve personally given up any kind of non-food or essentials shopping so no pottering around charity shops, home-ware departments or cruising my Amazon wish list. It’s challenging and eye-opening!

Here is a very quick outline of what’s in the calendar this coming month (I won’t necessarily write about all of it!).

Lent continues throughout the month

17th March is St Patrick’s day – whether or not you ‘do’ saints in your tradition, his life is an interesting one and could make a great starting point.

29th March is Palm Sunday, and also the day the clocks go forward.

And, looking ahead, 5th April is Easter day so I’ll be writing plenty about that this year. Passover falls on the 4th this year but many Christians who stage a Passover meal do so on the Thursday before Easter.

Wishing you a very blessed time during this Lent season.

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