Heads-up for February and Parents as gardeners

Credit: Joe deSousa on Flickr
Credit: Joe deSousa on Flickr

As I wait impatiently for the bulbs to come up in our garden, I’m always conscious that I am not the one who makes them grow. That miraculous, explosion of green above the soil is not created by me. But I can enrich the soil, place plants in ideal positions for their needs and keep the weeds from overwhelming them. I must have a vision for future seasons, even years, whilst seeing the blessings and beauties of the current. I may need to do some research as well as put in some heavy work to see these changes happen and outside influences like drought or pests can impact on my plans.

Aren’t our children similar? Only God can make them grow, both spiritually as well as physically but we can, unforeseen storms (and slugs!) notwithstanding, create the most fertile soil possible for their growth and the space for them to thrive.

This is the first of a series of monthly posts which (hint, hint!) you may want to see land in your e-mail box! (It’s easy to sign up to the right). Each month I’m going to give you a heads up about the following month’s events. I know, as a busy Mum, it can be really hard to keep track on what comes where. How many times have your kids come home from school and said “Are we having pancakes today, Mum?” and you realise it’s Shrove Tuesday and Lent is about to start? Or you’d like to make more of Advent but November is kind of a rush? So I thought a monthly heads up post might be kind of handy so you have a couple of weeks to plan and think. I may not blog on everything mentioned but it will hopefully get the creative juices flowing.

Here are the highlights for February to give you an idea:

It’s a busy month!

February 14th is Valentines Day. Here on the blog I’ll be giving ideas on how to focus on what love looks like outside the romantic arena – teaching our kids to love well and finding out to best love them

Feb 17th is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day – time to stock up on Jiff lemon juice! How can we make this day fun and meaningful?

Feb 18th is therefore Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. I’ll be posting about Lent well before then, family illness and new job craziness allowing. In the mean time, last year’s post and my Lent Pinterest board may be useful. 

Feb 19th is Chinese New Year. Is this relevant to us? I think it can present some great opportunities to talk about trying to create luck versus trusting in God, or, with older kids, to talk about the suffering of Christians in other countries.

I wrote last year at Families First about the opportunities afforded by the different seasons of the year and the various church seasons like Lent, Easter and Advent, to see our children grow. What I try to do though, whilst curbing my enthusiasm to buy endless craft supplies and Do. Everything. is to first stop and think about where my children need to grow and in which ways they need nurturing. (Here’s an example I wrote about what I hope my children would learn and experience during Advent a couple of years back). I’d encourage you to do the same, especially at the start of a new year and before the biggies of Lent and Easter approach. It may be something as simple as building more rest into their schedule or replacing one of their bedtime stories with a bible story. Who knows?

Anyway, I’d love your response as to whether or not this is a helpful thing for you. Would you rather just get one monthly e-mail in this style rather than every blog post landing in your inbox? That is also an option. My passion is to resource you as you share your faith with your kids at home so I’d like to give you as much bang for your buck as I can! Let me know!

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