Dear reader, a question for you!

So, welcome to a new week, folks. I have a question for you and I’m hoping you’ll help me and fellow readers by answering it. Actually, that’s a lie. I have two. Sorry!


I really want this blog to be useful to parents and other adults who care for children who want to share their faith with the little people in their lives.

One way we do that in our family is by marking both events in the church calendar and some of the secular and natural events of the year. Whether we eat special foods, make crafts, decorate the house, have a season of extra focus on the bible or prayer etc., our ultimate aim is to bring back our children’s focus again and again to the central story, God’s narrative of love towards humanity, and his desire to have a relationship with us. They’re all conversation starters really as well as times that help bind our kids to our family, our home and our values.

You may see things a bit differently but the stats say you like the posts on traditions best and I’ve had many friends at church saying they liked using some of the resources I suggested and that they liked having enough warning to get themselves organised ahead of time.

So, here’s question number 1: would you like a monthly post on which church festivals/secular events are coming up in the following month ? And, while we’re at it, I think I’ve fixed the “Subscribe by e-mail” option so you could even have this “Heads Up” post coming directly to your inbox. What do you think? Contact me however you like; via comments below, via the Facebook page, via the contacts page or in person if you know me.

While we’re about it, next month, In June, we have Pentecost Sunday on the 10th and Fathers’ Day on the 17th. I’m planning on posting on Pentecost next week or the week after (heads up, it involves CHEESECAKE! Some theology and background too, but also CHHESECAKE!) and I’ve already bigged up Fathers’ Day over at Families First. That post is on the why, I’ll get to the how over the next few weeks and have some great craft ideas for those special dads and grandfathers in our lives.

Here’s the second question: it used to be that having “liked” a page on Facebook, you then saw everything that page posted. No longer. Facebook have changed their algorithms so that only about 20% of what I post gets passed onto any particular one of you. Naughty rascals! However, if I had a Facebook group you could join, not only would you see all the posts in your timeline as they were posted, you could comment on them directly in Facebook, post up your own links and ideas, encourage other parents by sharing ideas and resources and we could basically have a fine old time helping each other in this journey of bringing p children as parents of faith. Would you value that? It’s hard for me to tell which groups other people are in. I know I’m a geek who spends a fair amount of time on-line – hey, I’m a blogger! – but do other people value Facebook groups as sources of inspiration and encouragement?

So, do let me know, people. Comment as you have never commented before. Get in the fray. Let’s make Laundry as useful as it can possibly be to you. OK, it’s not going to make you cups of tea or get your kids to sleep through the night, but it could be handy, right? And any other ideas for helpful posts are more than welcome.


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