Doing “church” on holiday – at home!

Last week, I talked about the pros and cons of going to church on holiday. This week, I thought I’d explore another option – church at home.

Of course “church” is really the people who make it up but, if you would like to have some kind of religious observance on holiday, it can be fun to put together a little service.

Pigwig at "church"
Pigwig at “church”

There are loads of ways to do this (and an easy “cheat” coming up) but here are some of the elements we’ve used.

Choose a well known bible story that lends itself easily to a craft and appears in your children’s bible.

Set up the craft and choose a couple of singable songs from a praise CD that you all know most of the words to.

Explain to your children that you’re going to try out “Home church”.

Once you’re ready….

  1. Sing a couple of praise songs.
  2. Read the bible story. Maybe try reading it out again and seeing if your kids can fill in the blanks as you leave out key words.
  3. Get some discussion going around the story
  4. Do the craft
  5. Pray together
  6. Sing another song.

OK, that all sounds ridiculously easy and simple. Depending on your children and their ages and your own personality, this might work really well or completely flop. When we last tried this, I was heavily pregnant in August and just couldn’t cope with another service chasing around after a very active toddler. We met with another family at home and the other Mum arranged the craft while I planned everything else. We also had Mums’ prayer time followed by Dads’ prayer time while the children all piled out into the garden which was lovely. However….

We have a book called The Dinnertime Bible which, while designed to promote bible-reading and discussion around the dinner table, is actually perfectly adapted to this idea and will save you a lot of hassle, especially if you think this might be a regular thing for you. There are 52 very adaptable, ready-prepared sessions and it’s currently only £3 on Amazon. (This isn’t a sponsored link; I just really rate the book!). I think it’s prefect for the 3-10s crowd but you could use it in a family which also had older children.

So, how do you tend to handle church on holiday?


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