Where are the Brits??? Searching for UK Christian bloggers

Photo credit: photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/anabadili/2780751111
Photo credit: photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/anabadili/2780751111


So, if you’ve been hanging out here for a while, you may have noticed that I recommend a lot of American resources.

It’s partly demographics – there are more of them and the proportion of Christians in the population is higher so it stands to reason there are more blogs, sites, good kids’ resources etc. However, us Brits experience a somewhat different spiritual and cultural context from day to day and I really enjoy reading what other UK bloggers and organisations have to say.

I’ll be blogging a bit more on resources over the summer during the lull in the church calendar but I thought I’d start by recommending a couple of great UK sites I DO know about and continue with a two pleas:

1. Any of you who are readers to comment and recommend great UK resources

2. If you are a Christian blogger in the UK, especially a parent blogger, to read to the end of the post because I want to hear from you! If you search UK Christian blogs, much of what you find is bloggers writing articles about how they can’t find other UK Christian bloggers. Well, I have a plan! But first to the sites and blogs I know of (with an apology to the non-bloggers who are falling out of their seats with boredom like Monty Python’s dead parrot).

The Vicar’s Wife – a mix of thoughts on life as a clergy wife in the inner city, fun, faith-based activities to do with kids, the odd recipe and lots of good sense and humility.

Sun hats and wellie boots – a regular poster who has lots of craft and activity ideas for small children, some of which are faith-based (search her Festivals and Celebrations section). This is a beautifully-designed and thought-through blog and one of my faves

Families First – this is a superb magazine and has a good website (with yours truly blogging for them on a regular basis). You can buy it in certain branches of WH Smith, Sainsburys and Londis or receive it free if you are a member of the Mothers’ Union.

Mummy from the Heart – this is another more general blog that includes the author talking about her faith in a very open way in amongst the rest

Faith in Homes – a fun site which has all sorts of activity ideas, often seasonal, for encouraging your kids’ faith in a home setting

So, any to add to that readers? Do comment, ideally with links!!!!

And for all you bloggers, I’m making an attempt to gather you! For mutual commenting, more good reading,and just some encouragement. Sound good? I’ve set up a Facebook group here and hope to see you there! And please, PLEASE spread the word. It’s not just for Mummy bloggers or people who blog about similar stuff to me. Thank you!

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