Birthday mantelpiece – Honouring your child’s uniqueness

It’s birthday season around here. My daughter and I have birthdays in the same week. I’ve written about some of our family’s birthday traditions before but this birthday mantelpiece was a last-minute idea which took all of 5 minutes to execute but which put a huge smile on my little one’s face.

birthdaymantleThe mantelpiece was looking bare and always gets filled with coffee cups and junk if left empty so I was itching to put something pretty on it.

I decided to make it into a Pigwig display, gathering little toys, crafts she had made in the last few months, her favourite current books and read-alouds and some photos of her on previous birthdays (we always get a shot with the strawberry cake!).

She is really into craft at the moment and loves her cuddlies! Hmmmm, and she needs a fringe trim!


Anyway, she was so excited about that mantelpiece as it showed her she was treasured, celebrated and….known. Hopefully that feeling will translate into her realising that all of those things are as true about her Heavenly Father as about us!

And while we’re into treasuring our uniqueness, here’s what my husband got me for my birthday!


Well, it’s not every day you turn 40! And they’re blissfully comfortable.



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