Let’s break with tradition and start with you!

Are you a parent, Godparent or Grandparent, longing to see your children come to a life-long faith in Jesus? Me too.

Do you see your family and home as being the main place your kids are going to learn about God and faith? Me too.Pigwig and Tintin

Do you sometimes get frustrated with a lack of time, energy and your own failings and imperfections? Please say it’s not just me!

Do you need some inspiration, encouragement, easily-achievable and affordable ideas and quick access to resources on and off-line? I really hope I can help you there! (And you can sign up for blog updates by e-mail or rss reader to make sure those ideas come to you as painlessly as possible!)

I’m Jennie, the Slowcooking Bookworm, an almost-stay-at-home Mum to two profile pic1energetic tiny people, a daughter, Pigwig (4) and son, Tintin (2). We live in Cambridge, England, a city which has always captivated me with its history, beauty and romance.

I have a few passions in my life. Cooking and coffee come quite high but, apart from that, I have a vision to turn our little home into a warm, creative, fun-filled school of faith for our family, not a silent Victorian-style schoolroom empty of all but chalk dust, but a vibrant, joy-filled space where life can be lived in all its messy glory, mistakes can be made and grace can be modelled.

Experience to date tells me it won’t just be the kids doing the learning! I could imagine the Jesus I follow spending as much time at kitchen tables like ours as in churches; hence my vision for our kids to meet Him in our home.

My other vision is to help and inspire you to do the same! To give you the confidence and courage to see your home in a new way too, as a place of worship and learning for your whole family no matter what their ages. I love encouraging other parents, especially those who are finding the journey hard at this point.  I’m creative but not artistic or crafty so heave a sigh of relief if you too get an inferiority complex when you check out ideas on Pinterest! There’ll be ideas for those with different age kids too.

I won’t have all the answers, not this side of heaven anyway, but will you join me on this messy, glory-filled adventure? This is about faith in the real world, on the other six days, and we’ll be keeping it real. And that, unfortunately, includes the cooking, the school run, the sniffly noses and the errant socks, the battles against enemies unseen and the battles to get the occasional vegetable down our little cherubs. So kick off your shoes, and try not to trip over the piles of laundry. You’re welcome here.

PS We live in Cambridge, England and I am available on a limited basis to give talks at local churches and toddler groups on the topics in this blog. So far I have given talks on “Potties, prayer and playmobil – leading our tiny folk into a life of faith” and “Preparing our children for a meaningful Christmas”. Talks can be tailored to your group.


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