A great encourager

I’m going to be trying to post twice a week on this blog; once in a longer reflective or topic-based post and once to give you a recommendation of a resource that I’ve found useful. And this one’s a corker.

Back in the misery of my son’s first year (he NEVER slept – an undiagnosed dairy intolerance can do that, it turns out) I had a friend. She didn’t send flowers or make any big, glamorous gestures. She was just there. Every single weekday during the darkest period of sleeplessness and utter despair, there would be a text or a call. Short, sweet, encouraging, just asking how I was. We don’t always agree on matters of faith, churchmanship or matters sartorial but she’s always dependable and there with a timely word (and a wicked sense of humour!).

Rachel Wojo is a bit like my friend. She produces something EVERY DAY on her blog. It’s kind, it’s wise, it’s humble and it’s always encouraging. Her mission is:

“To inspire you to live out extraordinary faith in Christ by providing everyday real-life solutions.

To encourage Bible reading and prayer in personal relationship with God and to recommend tools and technology that will grow your faith, as well as the faith of your children.”

Some days it’s just the bible passages for her bible reading challenge with a brief comment – she’s reading the entire bible in a year and challenging blog readers to do the same (I’m not doing the challenge but I aspire!). Other days it’s a bible verse with a brief comment, or she has collections of verses for when you’re feeling discouraged, anxious or angry and so on.

She also has posts such as “7 ways the church can better love children with special needs” (her daughter has very serious health needs) or “7 ways to praise your husband for 7 days” and has written extensively on the whole area of faith and technology. Judging by the high quality of her blog and web-site, she is one technically savvy woman. Did I mention she has seven kids? She might actually know something about the pressures of living a life of faith with kids around! I’m just not sure when she sleeps….

I don’t read every post as I follow quite a few blogs but I often print out her verses or lists of verses to have on the fridge or in my diary as a reminder and she’s like the real-life friend I described, an encouraging daily presence in my on-line world. If you could do with a bit of encouragement, go check her out.


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